Own Photo Studio at Home

It is actually a good thing when budgets are tight. It provides a great opportunity to be creative and unique, while learning to take the best advantage of your resources.

This is what Andrea did; she was a student with a dream. She wanted to start her own jewelry business and didn’t let anything stop her. Her budget was very limited, so she created a photo studio at home to make her jewelry look spectacular without hiring an expensive photographer.

She wanted her business to look professional, thus, the photos had to look professional. In order to achieve this, she started researching and found lots of information online that explained what she should do and what to get to build a tabletop photo studio at home.

Andrea took the time to learn her camera settings and purchased a tripod, which she discovered is crucial for tabletop photography. The rest required a very small investment, because she realized that the most important part was to create the right mood.

She got a 40-inch light tent and she invested in the appropriate lighting, buying some inexpensive table lamps, but expensive light bulbs of around 3000k. With them, she achieved the soft light effect in the tent that brought out the best of her jewelry pieces.

She also found a black acrylic stand to display the jewelry on; this made the pieces stand out and gave them a classy look. It also provided a nice reflection, making the photos look as if they were taken in a studio. Finally, she got some velvet fabric to work as background for the photos.

Andrea says that her photo studio has helped her business succeed. She says people often ask her who took the pictures, because they look like professional shots.