Black and White Photos

Likewise for photography too. Photography used to be dependent on films. But not anymore, Digital photography is as easy to use as counting 123, because every mom and dad can pick up a digital camera, point and click and they would have their favorite picture on the screen. If the photographer doesn’t like the shot that he or she has taken, he may delete it on the spot, or remove it from the memory stick on the later date. Gone are the days when you have two walk to the photo studio so that you can store your pictures into albums. These days, you just have to keep them in your computer and view it when necessary. You can store a lot of pictures on a simple blank CD too.

In this big and complicated world, which is getting or and more complex, I still remember the good old days when camera can only take black and white photos. Black and white photos have a class of its own compared to color photographs. If you don’t know, the nickname for black and white photos, it is called sepia. Do you believe that black and white photos also known as sepia are here to stay? It is because if you look at the options in a digital camera, one of them to allow you to take sepia photographs.

There was once I was browsing through my parents old photo album, needless to say most of the pictures there were black and white. I have to say, they look very young and I look like them (quite obvious right?). And when I found out that my digital camera had that sepia option, taking a few pictures of myself really makes me as old as my parents. It could very well fit into the old photo album.

If you think that the days of the black and white photos are gone, that prediction might only come true in a hundred years. But for now, industry from fashion magazines to advertisements and billboards will continue to use this color option endlessly.