Portable Photo Studios

You can easily earn with such a studio, but it depends on you how you run your business. Many professional photographers earn handsomely per day by working part time. However, you can also earn decent income, because it is not that difficult. Thus, you can easily make money with the help of portable studio.

For starting your photo studio at home, you need to have a digital camera or 35mm film and strobe light. With the help of these tools, you can easily set up your own studio in your home. As these tools are handy, you can easily carry them at any other location. By this way, you can easily make money by spending less.

In fact, now you can also distribute your brochures and business cards to people, so that you can gather attention. This is the best way for advertising your portable photo studio. Another method of advertisement is newspapers. Through newspapers, you can display full details of your photo studio.

In fact, you can also place your advertisement on the Internet. However, before advertising about your photo studio, make sure that you gather important information regarding photo shoot. Photography requires skills and thus, practice photo shoot on different subjects before investing on a portable photo studio.

Capturing beautiful images and displaying them on your portfolio can really benefit your business. Many professional photographers capture beautiful images, but fail in marketing their businesses. Hence, make sure that you display beautiful and amazing photos, so that you can easily gather the attention of people.

Black and White Photos

Likewise for photography too. Photography used to be dependent on films. But not anymore, Digital photography is as easy to use as counting 123, because every mom and dad can pick up a digital camera, point and click and they would have their favorite picture on the screen. If the photographer doesn’t like the shot that he or she has taken, he may delete it on the spot, or remove it from the memory stick on the later date. Gone are the days when you have two walk to the photo studio so that you can store your pictures into albums. These days, you just have to keep them in your computer and view it when necessary. You can store a lot of pictures on a simple blank CD too.

In this big and complicated world, which is getting or and more complex, I still remember the good old days when camera can only take black and white photos. Black and white photos have a class of its own compared to color photographs. If you don’t know, the nickname for black and white photos, it is called sepia. Do you believe that black and white photos also known as sepia are here to stay? It is because if you look at the options in a digital camera, one of them to allow you to take sepia photographs.

There was once I was browsing through my parents old photo album, needless to say most of the pictures there were black and white. I have to say, they look very young and I look like them (quite obvious right?). And when I found out that my digital camera had that sepia option, taking a few pictures of myself really makes me as old as my parents. It could very well fit into the old photo album.

If you think that the days of the black and white photos are gone, that prediction might only come true in a hundred years. But for now, industry from fashion magazines to advertisements and billboards will continue to use this color option endlessly.

Under the Bright Lights

It may sound outrageous but most photographers have access to a studio either on a rental or a permanent basis. However, this isn’t for everyone – you need to have skill in using professional photo studio equipment to make the shoot a success. If you don’t have the experience yet, it’s better to try to learn the ropes first before springing for a studio. Outdoor shots give you a chance to hone your skills on the requisite equipment; namely, the use of lights and backdrops to enhance your shots.

If you’re confident enough with your skill, setting up a photo studio is a piece of cake. First, choose between a ceiling-based or floor-based studio. Floor-based studios are cheaper because you just have to set up your light stands and you’re done – ceiling-based studios have overhead lights that you have to maintain. However, if you find such lights useful, it’s nothing much to add some extra money.

Next, you have to set up your lighting system. Having a good set of lights are important – your choice is between the standard hot lights – which are high-intensity bright lights that are always on, warm lights – the mid-range lights that aren’t as bright as hot lights, and cool lights – powerful flashes for your camera. Each of them has a different effect so choose carefully.

Finally, you have to choose a backdrop. Most clever photographers don’t have just one background sheet – they have several sheets or cloths they exchange to enhance the result of the picture. This strategy is probably advisable for you – just choose colors that fit with your style and you prefer to use. Including an all-white and an all-black backdrop is another thing I advise – basic black and basic white are probably the most useful colors.

There you go, a simple primer for setting up your own professional photo studio. If you find good bargains for your photo studio equipment, you’ll probably be able to create one for less than a thousand dollars. Better try it out!

Own Photo Studio at Home

It is actually a good thing when budgets are tight. It provides a great opportunity to be creative and unique, while learning to take the best advantage of your resources.

This is what Andrea did; she was a student with a dream. She wanted to start her own jewelry business and didn’t let anything stop her. Her budget was very limited, so she created a photo studio at home to make her jewelry look spectacular without hiring an expensive photographer.

She wanted her business to look professional, thus, the photos had to look professional. In order to achieve this, she started researching and found lots of information online that explained what she should do and what to get to build a tabletop photo studio at home.

Andrea took the time to learn her camera settings and purchased a tripod, which she discovered is crucial for tabletop photography. The rest required a very small investment, because she realized that the most important part was to create the right mood.

She got a 40-inch light tent and she invested in the appropriate lighting, buying some inexpensive table lamps, but expensive light bulbs of around 3000k. With them, she achieved the soft light effect in the tent that brought out the best of her jewelry pieces.

She also found a black acrylic stand to display the jewelry on; this made the pieces stand out and gave them a classy look. It also provided a nice reflection, making the photos look as if they were taken in a studio. Finally, she got some velvet fabric to work as background for the photos.

Andrea says that her photo studio has helped her business succeed. She says people often ask her who took the pictures, because they look like professional shots.