Find a Perfect Photo Studio Rental

You could select from the long list that could give you services that you want or need. Each of them has their different packages to offer. Charges and fees may differ according to the type of the features and also on how long you will use them. Some may give the descriptions of the equipments and their price, so you could easily choose the ones that will suit to your preference, especially according to your financial abilities.

It is necessary in choosing a photo studio that could give you instantly what you need. It is very comfortable and satisfying to find one that could make your materials and supplies in an instant access and could offer features that will make your job easier and productive. Rent a studio with a proper lighting. Many are those that have additional services such as filming assistant and additional props.

There are studios that offer you features that are more unique and attractive than other studio rental firms. These may include large shooting space w/high ceilings, hair & make-up area, private bathroom and a large free parking lot.

Before you find a photo studio rentals (especially if you have limited funds), it is necessary to decide how much you can afford to spend on a rent. Decide on amenities you need, and a form a picture in your mind on what kind of photo studio you like. This could guide on which studio rental to choose.

Every photo studio rental have their own photographer that could be hired by those that need their service and assistance. Most of the studios now are into what they call a mobile and portable photo booth. With them are their complete set of high technology equipments that could surely give a very satisfying souvenir of your special occasions such as birthdays, baptismal, anniversaries, weddings, debut, prom, graduations, holiday parties, reunions and corporate events. They could grant their service anywhere and anytime you demand.

Tabletop Photo Studio

The camera.

Pretty much any digital camera will do. If it has macro capabilities then all the better. Having macro capabilities will provide more flexibility when photographing flowers or other smaller objects. When shooting always remember to set the ISO to its lowest possible setting and to set your white balance setting to CLOUDY or to a setting that accurately reflects the light source that you will be using. Never leave this setting in AUTO as this may not produce consistent or accurate results. Another item that would be really nice would be a remote shutter release but it is not essential as most digital cameras have self timers built in.

The tripod.

Use a tripod that is easy to move and adjustable. It also needs to be sturdy enough to support the camera equipment that you will be using. Typically, the heavier the camera means the heavier the tripod. Your tripod should have an adjustable head that will allow you to quickly switch from landscape to portrait, and visa versa, with little effort.

The reflector.

The purpose of the reflector is to create even lighting on your subject. To achieve this effect it is best to locate the reflector on the opposite of your subject to where the light source is. The reflector itself does not have to be big but it does have to be big enough to reflect a sufficient among of light back onto your subject. Typically, the bigger the subject, the bigger the reflector needs to be to light it. To help hold and position the reflector a second tripod with a support arm can really be handy.

The supporting surface.

The surface itself not only needs to be sturdy and large enough to support whatever it is that you are putting on it but, also, portable enough to be moved as the need arises. I personally prefer a good sturdy folding table due to the fact that they typically have good supports and are portable.

The lighting.

You do not necessarily want the light source to be facing directly into the sunlight as this can produce harsh lighting conditions. If this cannot be avoided try placing fabric, or other materials, over the windows to diffuse or soften the light. This will produce a much more pleasing effect.

Compact Photo Studio

The camera room must be able to accommodate large families, various groups and the typical wedding party with bride and groom. These demands require a background wall of at least sixteen feet wide for a group portrait without wall shadows. The background wall can be covered with floor to ceiling drapes of a solid color in a muted shade. Colors that have worked well in the past are gray/green, light gray, blue/gray and wine red. The drapes should part in the middle to expose most of the back wall which will be artistically painted in tones of brown, gray, and beige with accents of apple green and rose red. The drapes should extend six feet along the left and right walls for extremely large groups. A curved bracket will eliminate the corner. If a rear exit exists in the back wall, a false wall can be built with a door to the extreme side for rear access. This door will be hidden by the drapes and the area behind the wall can be utilized for frames, ready orders and back up equipment.

Since the camera lens sweeps a triangular area, the dead spot to the left can be utilized for an office and the area to the right, a dressing room. Props can be stored on shelves along the wall and hung from the ceiling. The floor should be kept free as possible for lights and equipment. Walls should be painted in a bone white for use as a reflective surface with bounce lighting. The posing area may be carpeted with a loop type rug in a neutral solid color. The area used by the camera stand should be covered in cushioned tile or linoleum for easy rolling. Ideally, pulleys can be installed on the ceiling for raising and lowering muslin type backgrounds. It takes but a few minutes to attach two corners of a muslin and raise it to the ceiling and stretching it out to the edge of the rug. Several muslins can be stored in bags for easy access.

The reception and display area can utilize low couches and a cocktail table for showing albums. One area can be reserved for a computer terminal for displaying poses and another desk for taking orders and making reservations. Only sixteen by twenty and larger portraits should be displayed on the walls. Smaller sizes for selling purposes can be displayed on the desks.

Jewelry Photography

As such, there should be no compromise on taking jewelry photography. The jewelry photo you take should be sharp, high detail and depicting the real color. In particular if you are selling diamond, gem stones, and other precious metals of which the color could easily distorted by light that is not suitable for jewelry photography.

By using a “photo studio box” product, a jeweler or jewelry seller can take high quality jewelry photos in a snap. No more running wires all over the place, and no more setting up different lighting tripods at different heights and at different angles.

Using this photo studio in a box system, you simply need to place your jewelry item inside the studio box, adjust the flexible LED lights to create the desired light intensity and reflection angles. Then take the photo with your camera. Viola, it’s done. It sure makes life much easier. Most important, it will save you lots of time. Time that you can spend to promote and advertise your business, instead of spending countless hours on setting up the “perfect” stage for your jewelry photography session.

To achieve an optimum jewelry photography result, you should adjust the color setting of your camera to compensate for the various lighting effect that might affect the photo quality.

For example, if you want a whiter background and a “whiter” jewelry exposure. You might want to lower the color setting, and vice versa. Also, for diamond in particular, a daylight colored LED light is best suit to do the job. Using these daylight colored natural lighting will be least likely to distort the color of the diamond on the final photo.

With most higher end photo studio box system, this daylight natural color LED lighting is usually a standard accessory.

In short, if you are serious about making high quality jewelry photos that will attract the attention of potential customers. Using a quality photo studio box is essential. You might save a small amount with those cheaper “tent-style” fabric version. But with this tent type photo box version, a high quality lighting effect jewelry photo session would be more difficult and time consuming to achieve.